Tierra Chiloé
San José Playa, Castro, (Casilla 217 - Castro)
Chiloé, S 42° 27' 50.2'' W 73° 40' 36.3'', Chile
+56 2 22078861
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Magic journey to nature, tradition and culture of Chiloé

Tierra Chiloé is a unique spot on this earth, home to of a rich cultural identity, deep within the Archipelago of Chiloé, on the Islands of Chilean Patagonia.

Discover the force of nature, silence and the identity of Chiloé in a warm, inviting hotel, with great attention to details that will take you on a dreamlike journey through the esteemed cultural identity of Chiloé, a voyage full of unique experiences to delight your senses.

Is the only architectural project of its kind, harmoniously inserted within the surroundings, landscape and culture of Chiloé. The hotel was built using quality materials such as native wood, sheep wool weavings and basketry, all of which were crafted by local artisans, ensuring our guests enjoy the highest degree of comfort.